Leverage Equals Freedom October 27, 2015

My post today is about using the power of leverage, so that you can become financially free and spend less time working! If you want to become free in every sense of the word, you have to do what you can to earn a passive income, whilst taking yourself out of the working equation, so that you can earn whilst not having to be “in” the business. If that makes sense!

In today’s modern society most of us live in a manner that means we need money. We need it to pay bills, for our shelter, food, hobbies, lifestyle, health and more. However, the stereotypical way to earn money is through working a job. The job requires you to be there 9-5pm 5 days per week. The result of this is that you’re a slave to money, and a slave to a job. This leaves little time and room for your own freedom and happiness.

I was speaking with my good cleaner friend recently, he was saying about how the only way he can earn more at his job, was by putting in more hours. Well the firm over at http://www.cleaners-london.org.uk know this, and he knows it, but ideally he wants more cash WITHOUT having to put in extra hours!

So, the ultimate goal here is to earn a passive income (recurring monthly income that you don’t lift a finger to earn), and do this without being present in the business. Then you can do what you want, when you want, and live the lifestyle you wish to.

You can come up with your own budgets, earning goals and more. Once you have those numbers, you’ll know how much you need to make using passive income, so that you can stop working and enjoy living freely.

Leverage is the key here my friends. In this scenario, we’re going to leverage other online marketers efforts to earn ourselves a recurring income. How? Through affiliate marketing! What’s affiliate marketing? In a nut shell, where you sell another product owners product for them, and when a sale is made through your referral, you get paid a commission.

There are thousands of affiliate products out there online in every niche, but you need to select a decent one that offers recurring income. This way you can build up your passive income without doing any extra work. At the start, you will have to get the cogs in place, i.e. traffic, website and your sales funnel. However, all these things can either be built yourself or through the use of coaches and services that will do this for money.

Once you have your sales funnel in place and your affiliate product chosen and ready to earn you passive income, you can turn on the traffic! Traffic is an internet marketing term of visitors, people like you and me surfing the net. You can use solo ads (email advertising), Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, YouTube, Periscope, Bing Ads, Twitter Ads, Google SEO and more to get traffic. The key is to use something automated, which is why I like paid ads. You simply set them up once, and let the traffic roll in day after day, without having to touch anything.

You MUST master your numbers and conversions. We’re not in the business of losing money here, so you need to know how much you’re spending and how much you’re making back. You need to edit and tweak your sales funnel until you know you can earn $2 for every $1 spent on advertising, after a certain time period! Then my friend, you have created an automated money machine, that can offer you a lifetime of financial freedom.

I hope this post has helped a few of you ;)


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The Dangers Of The Comfort Zone October 19, 2015

Once you find yourself running a successful, profitable online business that doesn’t require much of your time, you have to watch out for the dangers of the comfort zone! “What do you mean?” I mean you sit back and relax a little TOO much, and all of a sudden business isn’t doing so great.

You see a lot of the time once entrepreneurs create a passive income stream online, they tend to forget about it. They don’t maintain it and keep it well-pruned, and it turns from a precious gem to a regular stone on a beach. Whilst the income stream is passive, and may not require much of your time, you HAVE to make sure it’s still being run well and that you don’t let it slip away from you.

Once you hit the comfort zone, if you don’t either:

  1. Have an assistant to watch over the business and keep it running well for you
  2. Do the above yourself

Then there’s no denying that the business is going to begin to suffer at some point!

This happened to me with my email advertising business. I got lethargic, lazy and way into my comfort zone. This resulted in my not taking care of my email list, keeping it fresh and growing daily, and taking great care of my customers. Then, I stopped getting regular sales for my solo ads, my list became a little worn out, and I couldn’t fulfil the smaller amount of orders I was getting!

Only when I noticed my daily income shrinking did it hit me. I needed to wake myself up, smell the coffee and get my ass to work!

So that’s just what I did, and luckily I could recuperate what I had lost and continue building my business. Thanks to me learning this harsh lesson first-hand, it’s now made me NEVER fall into that trap again. Also, the thought of it scared the hell out of me, which means I now push my businesses even harder each and every day! So in fact, this lesson has made me money.

You have to take this on board, even if you haven’t had success online yet. With whatever endeavour it is you’re venturing into, make sure that when you hit success you don’t become slack and lazy within a comfort zone. Sure it’s nice to feel relaxed about your business, but that relaxing feeling should come from knowing the business is being ran well and continuing to grow.

I was using my favourite cab service the other day (Dartford Cabs of course), and I was talking with the cab driver about this. He said he wanted to move into making his own cab firm, and I said, “so why don’t you?” His reply showed me just how dangerous and damaging the comfort zone can be. He said, “well the plan was to get some experience being a taxi driver first, then I’d make my own business. However, that was 15 years ago, so I guess I just got into a comfort zone here”. OUCH!

Don’t let yourself be like that, take the risks and move out of your comfort zone. Whenever you feel like things are too smooth, make sure you aren’t letting anything slip…


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Finally Some Freedom… October 7, 2015

I’ve made a few “rant” like post so far, and also given some good online business advice. Today, I’m going to be sharing an internet business model with you that finally got me unstuck from my computer screen all day! Earning a great income from home is lovely, but if you’re always at your computer screen 24/7 it isn’t the most thrilling of experiences. But once I got this model down, I was able to do all the things I wanted in life without worrying about money. I’d go golfing during the day, take vacations, have nights out in luxury limousines and take taxis everywhere.

Now this method DOES involve work, especially to begin with. But even that amount of work isn’t much and to be honest, the workload will depend on your starting budget. BUDGET? Did I hear that word? Oh NO! (a herd of tyre kickers and people unwilling to invest in their own success flee from their computers)… Did he say I need a budget? Haha, this never ceases to amaze me. People thinking that they can start a business with zero investment. Granted there are some, but I mean you have to have something to start with, otherwise your journey is going to take WAY longer than it needs to.

Anyway, getting back to the business model. What is this method that gave me more freedom in my life? The world of “email advertising”! What is that you say? Email advertising is basically when you build niche email lists using “free gifts” such as eBooks or videos on a certain subject area. Then once you build those email lists to a large enough size, you can “rent out” your list for *one time* promotions for a fee. This type of deal is also called a solo ad. Solo being one time and ad being advertisement!

The way in which the advertising is measured is in the form of “clicks”. The clicks are the clicks on hyperlinks within the email body content itself. For example, the email will have a subject line, and body content. In the body content I will have linked to my clients website or offer. I will then use tracking software and services to record how many times the links are clicked on. Let’s say John wants to buy 500 clicks from me. I’ll track 500 clicks to his offer, and once his clicks are up I stop emailing my list OR use my click tracking service to switch the offers (lets not get too deep here, it may get confusing for one blog post!).

To build the email lists and send out these one time emails to the ENTIRE list of people who sign up to my newsletter, I use something called an autoresponder. These are web-based programs which store the data for you, and allow you to send out automatic emails that you schedule in. Therefore the running of the business becomes hands free in that sense, apart from the loading in of emails and content of course.

Then there’s selling these “clicks” (the advertising). You can do this using special “solo ad” orientated Facebook groups or Skype rooms. Simply search for solo ad groups or solo ad testimonial groups etc on Facebook and you’ll find a whole bunch of them! You can advertise your “solo ad services” there, and then people will begin to approach you and buy your advertising space from you.

It takes about 3-4 hours per WEEK to run this business, and it can be even less than that. You can take the entire thing hands free by getting a virtual assistant to run your solo ad business for you. This is exactly what I did after I stopped freelance writing. And it’s when I started finally making 5 figures per month! More money, less time spent working and a whole lot of freedom came from this business model. If you want to ask me anything about this specific model then message me here.

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When S*** Hits The Fan September 30, 2015

I know, I know I said I’d mostly be posting about business models I’ve used to earn with online. However, todays post is going off at a small tangent, but I feel it’s a very important one to keep people on the right track to success…

You see, it’s not all plain sailing when you start your business venture on the internet. Chances are you will not succeed at first, and you will have to keep trying. This hurdle usually loses around 80% of those who’ve never earned online before, stumble and because they make no cash, they quit. Then the next BIG hurdle (which today’s post is going to based on), is when you actually do succeed a little and you think you have it made, but it all comes crashing down in front you you. Hence the post title “when s*** hits the fan”…

This hurdle is enough to send people running to the hills forever once they’ve tried earning online and had some success. They feel cheated, and as though it’s not a long term dependable place to earn a living. Well, they couldn’t be further from the truth. As the old saying goes, “when the going gets tough, the tough turn pro” no wait, that’s Captain Beefheart but it’s still relevant haha and the saying you thought I was going to quote is very relevant too.

What you SHOULD be thinking after this occurrence is, “well I’ve earned an income once online, I can surely do it again” OR, “if I could make money doing that, why not just try again OR find another avenue for an internet business”. Your belief system that you can earn physical cash online should be in place, as you’ve done it before, so don’t let that slip away because your current career, business or position fell apart.

I speak from a point of personal experience here, as I have been through the above first-hand. You see, after I was a writer for one big firm, one day they decided to lay me off. I had just moved out from home, and I lost my main income source. S*** had well and truly hit the fan and covered everything in my sight (sorry to sound so rank!).

I had bills to pay, contracts set up etc and I was cashless. So what did I do? Did I run away from my problems and throw in the towel? NO I DID NOT! I pulled up my socks and realised I was the only one who could change things for me. So I took action.

Here’s where the story gets REALLY interesting. My birthday was coming up, and we’d booked up with a limo service to get us out for the night. But I never got to experience that. Later that month I was hit by a truck that ran a red light. I broke my left leg in three places and badly injured my neck. I was immobile for a good few months. Luckily I had some help from family and friends. So you’d think having no income and being badly injured and nearly dying would stop me right? NO IT DID NOT!!

After any near death experience I’m sure you’re filled with a huge passion and motivation to get out there and live your live to its fullest. So this is what I did. I found a new business model, and within 4 weeks I had made enough to cover my monthly bills, and it continued to grow from there on out!

The lesson in this post is a simple one, JUST DON’T GIVE UP! No matter what BS life throws at you (and it will) just keep going, and you will reach the other side. Do not let yourself be beaten, you are in control of your destiny and future. Act now and don’t stop until you’re happy.


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Where My Online Business Journey Began September 29, 2015

Today I’m going to share with you my first ever success online. What do I mean by that? I mean the first time I actually made some money, from my bedroom on the internet!

It was an exciting moment, realising that you could actually be paid over the net. As soon as I saw the money in my bank account, I knew it was real, and that if I could earn $1, it was possible to turn that into something far greater…

After being scammed, and trying out a bunch of methods that didn’t work out, I turned to a popular place full of “mostly” like-minded people. People looking for a way to legitimately earn an income from home on the internet. This place was the Warrior Forum.

Back in 2010 the Warrior Forum was a completely different place to what it is now. It’s since been bought out by the company Freelance, and has a lot of new additions to it. However, the way I used the forum to make a living is still applicable and doable today.

After reading through countless “threads” and posts on the WF (abbreviation, it makes life easier!), I found one talking about making money with very little or no investment required. This appealed to me at the time as I had pretty much nothing to invest, but I DID have time! When you have no money you usually have a lot of time on your hands, which can be used wisely to build up income. Then on the flip side, usually people that have a lot of cash, have limited time which means they take a different route with the business model.

I’ll keep this method from my personal experience though, as most people usually starting out have a lot of time and little money on their hands. Even if you do have funds to use, it’s a wiser decision to “get your feet wet” before investing any big money into anything.

So this person on the WF was talking about offering your *services* in return for payment. He said that you could offer graphics design, writing, consultation, design, copy-writing and more. The only thing from that list that I felt I might be able to get away with was writing! So that’s what I did…

I offered an article writing service on the “warriors for hire” section of the forum. I posted that I would write 500 words for $5 a pop, and that I also would write website content and eBooks if people wanted for the same cash amount per 500 words. I was offering my services VERY cheaply, but I just wanted to see some of that green, and if this could work for me.

I paid the $20 advertising fee for starting a thread in that section of the WF, and posted that I’d give away 5 review copies to get some good reviews and testimonials on my thread. Well would you know it, all 5 were taken within an hour, and then I made $75 in sales within the first few days!

OK so I know what you’re thinking $75 isn’t exactly enough to buy a boat or retire on, but it proved to me that I could earn money on the internet. This reinforced my belief system, and then I was away! I raised my prices and keep posting out my ad on the forum, and I soon got my income up to around $100 per day writing articles.

This soon turned into a bigger paying job for one client, they ended up paying me over $12k for one job! Which was a little more exciting. I found writing work on sites like eLance, oDesk and other freelancing websites.

This method is GREAT for those just starting out who are low on cash. It helps you get that belief system in place that there’s money to be earned online, and the cash can be used to fund other projects or as a full time income if you enjoy it.

The one downfall I found with this business model was that it was also VERY time-consuming. I’d spend 40 hours per week at my computer writing articles. It wasn’t too bad as I was at home, working to my own hours etc, but still it wasn’t easy either.

So this is my method for today, I hope you enjoyed it and some of you put it to good use! (Heck I could be charging you for this information as it could make you a full time income!)

If you have any questions about this stuff use this page to get in contact with me.


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The Warning Post September 28, 2015

Before I get into the juicy details on my internet business models, I wanted to make one post about what to NOT get involved with when looking to make an online business.

The horrible truth is that there are a heck of a lot more SCAMS online than actual working business models. Unfortunately there’s some low-life’s out there that are just interested in taking your money, and giving you nothing of value in return. They are robbing people blind, and it’s such a nasty thing to see happening.

This is bad for two main reasons:

  1. People lose money and are scammed
  2. It discourages people to come into the online business world, as once they’ve been scammed they associate any form of online business model as fake!

However, number 2 isn’t the case for everyone as people like myself know first hand. I was scammed when I first came into the internet business community. Yeah, it felt awful and I hated it and I’d lost money. But after a few weeks or moaning, I began searching again until I finally found something that worked.

But finding something that works can be difficult, as there’s SO many shitty programs online that are designed to fail and keep you paying into a system that will never work for you. Why am I scaring you so much with this post? Well in fact, I’m not trying to scare you, I’m trying to make you think twice before you purchase anything. Are there real life testimonials and reviews on that service showing it working for other people? Does it seem feasible? Are they promising overnight riches? If all the above is negative, then ditch that program instantly. If not, dig a little deeper until you’re happy to entire that system.

I just want to warn you before you dive into anything, as it’s likely you could get scammed. I also couldn’t possibly list every method not to trust in this post, as it’d be WAY too long. But I’d like you to do your own due diligence before buying into anything.

If you HAVE been scammed before online, I completely sympathise with you. However I really hope you don’t throw in the towel just because some idiot sold you some bad beans. There is a world of wonder and solid business methods that work online, and once you master them they can pay you for a lifetime, and give you the freedom that you so badly want.

Another warning here is that you should be willing to put in some WORK to create your internet business. If you expect to click the mouse a few times and be making millions then you’re sadly mistaken. It doesn’t take an amazing amount of work, but you should be willing to hustle to make it happen. So many people want to get rich overnight, but it just doesn’t happen. If you want to waste your money on systems that promise that then go play the lottery.

Ah ok, rant over lol! I just felt the need to give you a word of warning before you decide to enter this industry and I want you to have the right mindset before paying anything out of your pocket.

You have been warned…


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A Whole New World September 27, 2015

SO this is my first proper blog post for this new site. I bet you’re wondering what this blog is going to be all about right? Well I won’t leave you handing any longer……………… sorry I couldn’t resist!

But seriously, it’s going to show you my personal journey from a-z on how I create a better life for me a my family. Primarily I will talk about business models I’ve tried, one’s that have worked and my favourite of all! I may touch upon some other areas in life, but mainly I want to part some of my knowledge on the best business models I’ve ever tried out so that I can hopefully help others make a change in their lifestyles and career choices.

For me, it’s all about freedom. I do NOT want to be stuck in some office working 9-5pm (yep I bet you got that song ring through your head when you read that, I did and I’m writing it!). I finally gave up the “rat race” in 2010 after finishing up a music college.

I worked a bunch of different areas such as retail, sales, manual labour, kitchen design, estate agency etc. Long short of it is I HATED all those work lines. There was nothing that excited me about any of it, not the paycheque, hours, co-workers or anything else.

Soon after I quit those jobs (which I ran through in a year LOL), I realised that I needed to be my own boss. Now at times this can be more time consuming that your usual 9-5, and you do have to put in some work to make your own business succeed. However, that work doesn’t necessary have to last long, and it certainly doesn’t have to be 40 hours per week for the rest of your working life. It might be one month, one week or one year. But would you work that hard to set up a business that could potentially free you for the rest of your life? You bet your ass you would!

So getting back to my story… I decided to start teaching guitar as that was my best skill set at the time. I created my own guitar teaching business, and within a few months I managed to fill up my calendar and was pretty happy with the earnings, freedom and the fact that I was mostly living life on my own terms.

If you’re the type of person that wouldn’t mind running your own tutoring business the above model would be perfect for you.

However, that role STILL didn’t really provide me with the freedom that I wanted in life. I still had to go out and teach all those lessons 5 days a week, so I was tied into my business working all the time. And after about 6 months to a year, I decided that I was going to move onto something a little less time-consuming.

Since then, I realised that some of the simplest most “hands-free” business models were on the internet. That’s right, making your bill paying income by running your business from home on the net!

This blog post has been a good introduction (I feel it has anyway!) to where I’m going to be taking you, and showing you the different business models I’ve tried out so far. Mostly all of them are going to be internet based, as that’s where I found the most freedom and BIGGEST paycheques were available!

Now we’ve got the introduction out the way, look out for my next blog post where I’ll be diving right into the real meat and potatoes of my strategies and business models that I’ve tried and tested.

If you want to contact me about anything I’ve said or done in this post, you can do so here.



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Welcome May 14, 2015

HI! I’m so glad you’ve visited my fresh site, I’ll be updating it with content really soon so come back and check it out…

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